Why Elevation 89?

A frequently asked question easily answered. It’s the pilot’s call signal for the elevation of The Ocala Airport above sea level. Plus, it’s a catchy name.

But our restaurant group had to dig deeper when asking why Elevation 89.

After long delays in construction due to COVID, why would we risk adding such a large project to our family of restaurants located just south of Ocala including County Line Smokehouse, The Anchor & The Pizza Joint.

The answer was pretty simple. We wanted to share our love of food with an entirely new clientele west of Ocala. Not just with Marion County residents but also with cross country visitors flying into our beautiful city for the first time and day travelers from throughout Florida.

We wanted to be a destination. A place friends and family could gather for good food, drinks and conversation in a unique environment featuring soaring views of planes taking off and landing along with the added bonus of beautiful sunsets.

Fortunately, our vision was matched by the City of Ocala. Construction commenced in March of 2021 and was completed in time for our Grand Opening on October 21st, 2021. We’ve been fortunate to have taken off ever since thanks to the support of our community.

Thanks for visiting Elevation 89. We hope you enjoy our unique dining environment and also hope we positively answer the original question to our guests.

Why Elevation 89?

Made from the heart

Chef Jeremy puts his passion to work in the kitchen.

In 2019, he began working at County Line Smokehouse for the partnership group that opened The Anchor, The Pizza Joint and Elevation 89 at the Ocala Airport.

He’s been executive chef at Elevation 89 since it opened in October 2021. Jeremy was given free rein to create the menu and is in his wheelhouse there.

Read the full article written by Cynthia McFarland in the November issues of 352 PREVIEW Magazine.

Take Off for Elevation 89!

If you’re looking for a dining experience offering both excellent food and gorgeous table-side views, consider Elevation 89 At The Ocala Airport. Elevation 89 features American Cuisine in a unique atmosphere overlooking the runway and featuring nightly views of spectacular sunsets. The name of the 150-seat restaurant, established in 2021, references the pilot call signal for the Ocala airfield—which is itself based on the airport’s elevation at 89 feet above sea level.

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Thanks for visiting Elevation 89.

We hope you enjoy our unique dining environment and also hope we positively answer the original question for you; our guests … Why Elevation 89?